I grew up in an atmosphere of conformity and dogma in a very remote area of America’s great plains. I credit comic books and science fiction paperbacks for a lot of the development of my imagination.

I’ve now made my living, for decades, with that imagination (see ZonoArt.com) and I never outgrew SF and Fantasy.

When I first moved to San Francisco, in the early Eighties, there were funky, little used bookstores in every neighborhood, but they disappeared as the City by the Bay slowly "Manhattanized." (Except for Green Apple Books. Shout out to them!)

Recently, I’ve semi-retired to the magical, mystical Morongo Basin, outside Joshua Tree National Park, CA, and I’ve been excited to find a number of great used bookstores, with names like Cactus Wren Book Exchange, Ravens Bookshop and Sagebrush Press. It’s through them, and the awesome, local, thrift shops, that I have curated The Cheap Paperback, Science Fiction Book Cover Gallery!