Attention, 21st Century Earthlings! This is Captain Blastoff, coming to you from the Galaxy Gallery in the future, talking about a great popular art form of the past: NOT Cheap Science Fiction Book Covers, but Cheap Advertising Art That Utilizes Sci-Fi!

For you Space Rookies who missed the last transmission, your good Captain is on a mission for General Joachim Boaz to find evidence of science fiction contamination on Madison Avenue. Here’s a few found in All-American Ads,” edited by Jim Heimann:

A "milk run" to the moon? Why not the Milky Way? (Everyone knows the moon's green cheese...)

Here Sinclair abandons their dinosaur mascot, exchanging the past for the future.

This image is by the company, Aluminum From Canada. So, is this supposed to be a giant aluminum molecule, or what??

Yes, in the future you won't have to run around with a cell phone in your ear! Simply wear this stylish Satellite Beanie and always stay in touch!

Believe it or not, this photo is in an ad for an insurance company. Strangely enough, though they mention house, home and auto, there's nothing about insuring my flying saucer! Maybe they could insure that bubble home from the last transmission, though, hmmmm?

On square Bizarro World, Northwest Airlines am NOT wanting your business. No fly unfriendly skies because the Captain fly plane backwards on Bizarro World! This ad am great!

This has been Captain Blastoff, ending transmission.

Extra: Also check out “Vintage Advertisements from Fictional Futures,” where ancient advertisements are mutated into playful parody. I especially like the Soylent Green ad: “You’re Tastier Than You Think You Are!”